Health Care Information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Appendix R-12

Fort Zumwalt School District



Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Fort Zumwalt School District, with parent/guardian written consent, will provide basic treatment for minor illness and injury while at school.  The district may also administer the following non-prescription, over-the-counter medications, based on nursing assessment, with parent/guardian consent:



Eye Care


 Wound care  


Benadryl cream

Contact lens solution/lubricating drops


Bactine/Wound  care wash          

Isopropyl alcohol

Caladryl/Calamine lotion

Saline solution eye wash/irrigation

Chapped lip ointment      

Burn cream

Aloe Vera

Hydrocortisone cream 0.5% & 1%

Allergy eye drops

Sore throat spray

Triple Antibiotic ointment

Baking Soda



Salt for gargle


Hydrogen peroxide



Vaseline Petroleum


Non salicylate muscle rub



Dental wax


Sting Kill (for insect bites)




                       *generic version of all OTC medications are acceptable

Acetaminophen: – registered nurse can give acetaminophen ten (10) times only during the school year for a headache, pain, fever, injury or menstrual pain.
The parent/guardian must give verbal permission. If your student requires District provided acetaminophen more than 10 times, the parent will have to provide the medication.

Emergency Medication
In an effort to serve the students of the Fort Zumwalt School District, as well as meet the medication guidelines of the State of Missouri and policies set by the School Board, the following emergency medication should be available:

Albuterol: – (aerosol) for asthma related reactions in emergency, potentially life threatening situation

Benadryl tablets/liquid: - for allergic reaction
Age 5-11: Benadryl liquid 1-2 tsp. or 25 mg X1 for allergic reaction without signs of anaphylaxis if parents cannot be reached
Age 12 – 21: Benadryl 1 or 2, 25 mg capsules X 1 for allergic reaction without signs of anaphylaxis if parents cannot be reached

Epi-Pen: emergency use for allergic reaction/anaphylaxis        

Glucose testing:  supplies for emergency testing of diabetic students only

Oxygen: emergency use

*State law requires parental consent in order for the school nurse to treat your child*

*Please sign the “Health Inventory and Health Care Consent Form”*