Vision Department

Welcome to the Fort Zumwalt Vision Department!

Teachers of the Visually Impaired: Karen Carl and Rachel Doherty
Early Childhood TVI: Debbie Head
O&M Instructor: Lisa Traynor

Fort the Guide dog, Mo the MSB Mule, and bunny sit around embosser

Fort and his friends celebrate spring

Fort the Guide Dog is the Vision Department's mascot. Fort is sad that he can't visit his friends, but he looks forward to the stories they will write while they are home. He is joined by an Easter bunny and Mo the Mule from Missouri School for the Blind. Mrs. Carl will be able to braille at home and send materials out to those in need. Please keep up with your braille if you use it. Hope everyone is staying well! Here are some ideas for home. 

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Supporting accessible eLearning at home

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TVI O&M Activities for School at Home (1).pdf

CVI resources while you are home



Free Low Vision Clinic: Eye Report and Devices

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Comprehensive Low Vision Project                  

The Comprehensive Low Vision Project (CLVP) is a year-round program that provides students with low vision with clinical low vision evaluations, prescribed optical devices, and training in the use of those devices. This program serves the state of Missouri. Some exceptions apply in and around Kansas City. 



Students, ages 2 - 21, that have been identified as visually impaired according to Missouri’s guidelines for eligibility for special education.  Applicants for the program are also considered based on their ability to benefit from prescribed optical devices.


Students will receive, at no cost to their families, a comprehensive low vision evaluation, a complete written report with recommendations for appropriate low vision devices, any devices prescribed and instruction in the use of those devices in the student’s school, home, or community until he or she is proficient in using his or her new tools. The services provided by CLVP do not take the place of regular visits to the student’s primary eye care provider, such as his or her ophthalmologist or optometrist.



Students, ages 2 - 21, who meet Missouri's eligibility criteria as a child with a visual impairment, which is visual acuity of 20/70 in the better eye after correction and who have good potential to benefit from low vision devices. Students are able to participate in this clinic yearly if needed.


Jennifer Coy

Program Director

Phone: 573-579-4359

Email: [email protected]