Priorities, 2017-2018

Fort Zumwalt School District


 2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

 I.              Instructional program study, implementation and revision.

Passage of a bond issue to continue the capital improvement program of construction and repairs for the school district

Strategic planning for student enrollment.

IV.          Review the rising healthcare costs for the district and staff.

V.            Review and revise plans for diversity among staff and students.

VI.          Develop plans to continue promoting Response to Intervention (RTI) strategies and philosophy throughout the district.

The district will continue to develop and enhance its quality instruction programs to improve student achievement in all curricular areas. (CSIP Goal No. 1)

VIII.        The district will continue to recruit, develop and retain highly qualified staff. (CSIP Goal No. 2)

IX.          The district will continue to increase communication and improve relationships with stakeholders to support student achievement. (CSIP goal No. 3)

X.            The district will provide the financial structures to support facility and technology growth and sustain student achievement. (CSIP Goal No. 4)