Priorities, 2018-2019

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR 

Instructional program study, implementation and revision.

Completion of projects currently underway with funds from the April 3, 2018 bond issue election. 

Review and revise, if necessary, the Outdoor Education program curriculum as it presently exists.

Establish a committee to review all school safety measures currently in effect and those under consideration. 
Implement the Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention model as required by state law and Board of Education Policy JHDF. 
The district will continue to develop and enhance its quality instruction programs to improve student achievement in all curricular areas. (CSIP Goal No. 1)
The district will continue to recruit, develop and retain highly qualified staff. (CSIP Goal No. 2) 
The district will continue to increase communication and improve relationships with stakeholders to support student achievement. (CSIP goal No. 3)

The district will provide the financial structures to support facility and technology growth and sustain student achievement. (CSIP Goal No. 4)