Board puts question on April ballot
Proposition Strong Schools
Posted on 01/26/2021
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   At the regular January meeting, the Board of Education voted to put a question to voters on the April 6 ballot after reviewing the nearly $11 million in revenue lost since the onset of the pandemic. In the past two fiscal years, the Governor has withheld $5 million in foundation formula money. Classroom Trust Fund money is down $2 million as the result of lagging casino and lottery receipts. In addition, the district has spent almost $4 million to ensure effective safety protocols and instruction for in-person and online classrooms. The Board acknowledged that district reserves are below the recommended  12 - 15 percent of the operating budget that is outlined in district policy and are continuing to drop. Members voted to put Proposition Strong Schools on the April 6 ballot. It will read:



Shall the Board of Education of Fort Zumwalt School District of St. Charles County,

Missouri be authorized to increase the operating tax levy of the District by $0.39 per one

hundred dollars of assessed valuation for the purposes of maintaining existing

educational programs, rebuilding fund balances and paying general operating expenses of

the District? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted operating levy of the District is

estimated to be $4.5437 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.


The average total levy in St. Charles County is $4.98 per $100 of assessed valuation. Fort Zumwalt's current total levy is $4.84, which includes 69 cents for the debt service fund. If approved, Proposition Strong Schools would mean an additional $10.6 million in operating revenues and would cost the owner of a $150,000 home approximately $9 per month. Fort Zumwalt School District has served approximately 15,000 students in-person and approximately 3,000 students online five days a week since the school year began Aug. 31. Currently, the majority of online instruction is provided by Fort Zumwalt teachers who are teaching Board approved curriculum live five days a week.

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