Message from Superintendent_060820
A Message from the Superintendent
Posted on 06/08/2020
PPI logoDear Parents, Students and Community Members,

I have been incredibly saddened by the events of the past few weeks, beginning in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd. I have been superintendent for 36 years in the Fort Zumwalt School District, having lived through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and having worked to help students, staff and community members make sense of too many incidents such as this. It’s hard to believe we’re still having issues of this nature. And yet, in all of this sadness, there is still hope.

A week ago, some members of the West High Class of 2020 organized a march in O’Fallon. It was well orchestrated, peaceful and poignant. The O’Fallon Police Chief joined arms with the organizers and marched along with them from West High to the O’Fallon police station. It was a gesture of unity that provided an opportunity for our community to come together.

It made me realize more than ever how education can cure these ills if we just let it. The Fort Zumwalt Board of Education is serious about addressing discrimination in our schools. The Board hired Juan Wilson as our Coordinator of Diversity and Awareness in 2017. Juan is the right person at the right time and those students who have encountered him are clearly affected for the better. Opening dialogue with students, building learning opportunities for staff and creating conversations with parents is changing our schools for the better. The Board of Education and I pledge to our parents, our students and our community that Fort Zumwalt will continue to work in this positive direction. We will support all of our students as we live through these extremely difficult times and they grow to be our leaders in a better society in the future.

Dr. Bernie DuBray
Fort Zumwalt School District