Update from the Superintendent
Dr. DuBray yearbook

Nov. 18, 2020
Some of you might have seen the St. Charles County Department of Public Health dashboard that summarizes school-linked COVID-19 cases and transmissions. We know it can create confusion when different entities report differing data, so I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why the health department data differs from what we have been posting since the beginning of the school year. There are two reasons:
The health department data includes close contacts exposed directly through a school setting, AND
All other cases involving students or staff members, regardless of where transmission occurred.
If there is reported or suspected transmission among two individuals who are connected with the District in some capacity, it will show as transmission in the health department’s data – even if the individuals are linked in other ways outside of school.
For example, transmission between two siblings who are both Fort Zumwalt students would be reported as a “school-linked transmission” on the health department dashboard, but we would not count that as school spread. Or, if students gathered on the weekend and positive cases linked to the gathering, that would show up on the health department dashboard, but we would not count it as school spread.
The contact tracing our principals and school nurses have conducted under the health department's direction has kept a close eye on reported transmission within the school setting. This helps us better understand the effectiveness of the preventative measures in place and the impact of school attendance on our COVID numbers. We do follow cases where the reported transmission occurred outside of school, such as the weekend gathering, and these numbers are included in our weekly dashboard updates. However, they are not included when we report virus transmission in our schools. 
Thank you for your continued support of our efforts. Be safe.